Virtual and Augmented Reality Venture Fund

Presence Capital is an investment firm that believes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are technologies that are going to transform our world. We invest in and support talented and passionate entrepreneurs who are utilizing these technologies to bring new and exceptional ways of communicating, working, and playing to market.

Presence Capital announces first $10M fund

Amitt Mahajan
Managing Partner
Amitt is a curious technologist and entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay area. He was the co-founder, CTO of MyMiniLife (exited to Zynga) and the co-founder, CEO of Toro (exited to Google). While at Zynga he co-created the game FarmVille and served as the CTO of Zynga Japan. Prior to his entrepreneurial work, Amitt was an engineer at Epic Games on the Unreal Engine and Gears of War. Amitt holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois - Urbana / Champaign.

Paul Bragiel
Managing Partner
Paul is a entrepreneur turned globe trotting investor. He has 3 startups under his belt and has subsequently started 5 funds across 4 continents, including being an early advisor to companies such as Uber and Unity. In his spare time he is currently advising the countries of Malaysia & Tanzania on their technology and entrepreneurship policies. Outside of work, he’s bicycled across the United States, canoed the entire Mississippi River and participated in the 2014 Olympic Trials as the founding member of the Colombian national x-country ski team.

Phil Chen
Managing Partner
Phil is a technology explorer and global citizen. As head of HTC’s business and corporate development, Phil has led investments into KKBox (#1 music service in Asia), Soundhound, Magnet and the acquisition of Beats electronics. Most recently, Phil founded VR at HTC. Prior to HTC, Phil was VP of Product for the Alex eReader and founded Glo Bible. Before his corporate endeavors, Phil built schools and orphanages in Afghanistan, Africa, and China and worked as a research assistant at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Phil holds a B.A and B.S in Pure Mathematics and Physics from UCSD, and an M.Div on Postmodern Philosophy from Fuller Seminary. His biggest return is from his role as father of Miles & Naomi.

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